The actress helped to reignite the #MeToo movement online after the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which has resulted in millions of women sharing their own stories of sexual harassment.
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Tarana Burke, creator of the MeToo movement, and actress Alyssa Milano join TODAY to comment on TIME magazine’s pick of the Silence Breakers as its Person of the Year. “I could never imagine something that could change the world; I just wanted to change my community,” Burke says...
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The Charmed, Embrace of the Vampire, Mistresses, Poison Ivy II and Who's the Boss star is incredible.
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Alyssa Milano tells us how she lost the baby-weight & defends her breastfeeding photos on Instagram.
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New area deputy Jack Gales arrives on the island to find that a girl at the local Catholic girls' school has been found dead. After investigating, he finds that students have been disappearing regularly for five years, about the time Mother Bernadette passed away. Gales and the Mother...
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Enter Contest here: Get Next News Email Alerts! Subscribe to the channel: John S. Roberts at Right Observer for the Gateway Pundit reports, President Donald Trump sent two tweets th...
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Get Next News Email Alerts! Subscribe to the channel: Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, Ultra liberal crank Alyssa Milano completely melted down Saturday after reading Trump’s tweets. See the report he...
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The actress said she was "so scared" to join the cast because "they're brilliant" and have "known each other and been friends for 20 years."
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Actress Alyssa Milano rallies Twitter with a #MeToo call-to-action. Thousands of women respond, including Hollywood actresses, and reveal their own experiences with sexual harassment and assault
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Also starring: Tracey Gold, Matthew Perry, Brian Bloom, Tempestt Bledsoe While at the high-school prom, a group of students find romance and fun, while their parents enjoy the same...
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** FIXED VIDEO -- orig. upload had 2 min. black video at the end. I used the youtube video enhancements and fixed it. :) ** No Copyright violation intended - I do not own video or audio content. This is intended as a demonstration of open Source software mkvmerge. To the best of ...
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Alyssa Milano is hot Do you think is sexy? Request a celebrity in the comments Follow me on twitter: Twitter: Facebook: Blog: Tumblr: http://omg...
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Alyssa Milano - From Baby to 44 Year Old
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Alyssa became a household name when she starred on "Who's the Boss?" and reveals why she thinks so many child stars like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes are spiraling out of control. Plus, was Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" based off of Alyssa? Watch and find out!
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Alyssa Milano being an uninformed celebrity idiot and posting about politics and Donald Trump and the dreaded Russian conspiracy. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. Copyright © 2017 by Mark Dice. Do not download or re-upload this video in whole or in part to any channel or ...
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