Dementia 13 (1963)

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by Roger Corman, Dementia 13 is the story of a greedy young woman who marries into money, but stands to loose it all when her husband dies. Not wanting to miss out, she covers up his death and sets about trying to soft-soap her mother-in-law into writing a new will. You can find out more about Dementia 13 at A Passion For Horror.

Run time 1:14:50

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The Bat (1959)

Mystery writer Cornelia Van Gorder has rented a country house called “The Oaks”, which not long ago had been the scene of some murders committed by a strange and violent criminal known as “The Bat”. Meanwhile, the house’s owner, bank president John Fleming, has recently embezzled one million dollars in securities, and has hidden the proceeds in the house, but he is killed before he can retrieve the money. Thus the lonely country house soon becomes the site of many mysterious and dangerous activities.

Run time 01:19:38

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